Our Core Principles:

In order to fulfill our vision and mission, all of our actions conform six basic principles:

•          Promote health

•          Make society more equitable

•          Seek sustainable results

•          Work with partners

•          Ensure accountability

•          Promote responsibility


Our Strategic Directions:

Strategic Directions in Health Service:

1.                  To relief the high disease burden in Kenya

2.                  To reduce the shortage in staff, and a better distribution of staff in the health system

3.                  To have in impact on the attitude of health workers towards their patients


Strategic Directions in Health training:

1.                  To create more opportunities for graduates from secondary school to study health training

2.                  To make health training affordable for the middle income families

3.                  To provide opportunities in health training in rural areas

4.                  To create opportunities for health workers to continue training in health

5.                  To upgrade quality of healthcare training

6.                  To assist institutions training in health to focus on community level


Strategic Directions in Health research:

1.                  To support research that is focused on our own strategic directions in health service and training

2.                  To support research that is focused on innovative project and programs in health



Our Partners